Thursday, March 13, 2014

Step aside Barbie

Ladies and Gents, the time is here.... Barbie has got some competition!

Artist Nickolay Lamm has raised over $200k in JUST 2 DAYS through his crowdfunding campaign to produce a run of Lammily dolls.

The idea spawning from an art project last year where Nikolay made an image of how Barbie would actually look with average body proportions.
The image went viral and Lamm got requests to the create the real thing, he said.

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“Rather than criticizing her, we should make a proof of concept to show that a doll can actually look good if she were a normal woman,” Lamm told USA TODAY Network.

The dolls are expected in November and there’s still time to order your very own Lammily Doll.

 So for all of those women out there complaining that Barbie is a non realistic role model for our little girls, because we are not all perfect with large boobs, a tiny waist, and the perfect shade of blonde hair.... you can be able to order a doll with a realistic average everyday real womans frame with curves and all. I know as a child I never noticed that Barbie was the perfect woman, and I never caught myself wishing I could be just like her and wanting to change myself to be like her while growing up (which is what some mothers fear),I just cared that I could dress her up, and learn how to braid her hair, but times are changing and peoples insecurities  and ways of thinking call for a doll like this to show the world that this is what we look like. I am not choosing a side between the dolls, but overall I do think that this is a wonderful idea!

I found out about this doll from : (which also includes a video about the story)

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