Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stuffed Burgers

 I am a huge sucker for "As Seen On TV" products, so naturally Santa brought me some new toys for Christmas. I am not a huge burger eater, but now and then I crave them like it is nobody's business. So today I tested out my ne "Stuffz" and made spinach and cheese stuffed burger.

What you will need:
-Ground Beef
-A pan or grill
-Whatever you desire to stuff your burger with
-The Stuffz device

 Step 1:

Fill the bottom of the device with burger meat, and then use the lid to create a bubble in burger for fillings.

Step 2:

Fill the meat with whatever you choose. I started simple with spinach and cheese. I wanted to add some BBQ, but sadly had run out. Don't get lazy though, the sky is the limit. Grab some bacon, mac and cheese, veggies, sauces, anything and get cooking!

Step 3:

Roll a small amount of unused meat into a ball and place it on top of the stuffed meat. Get the top to your device and smush it all together. I had a hard time the very first try making it all stick together, but I am sure it gets easier with practice. I just kind of molded the two pieces of meat together into a formed patty.

Step 4:

Put your patty on the grill or stove top, however you prefer and cook it to your liking. I like mine medium

BAM..... now you have the burger of your dreams. Cheesy, I know ;) but it is the simple things in life that amuse me.