Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hair wraps for Character Skaters

 In some shows you are required to be a character in a very hot, large, sweaty, costume. The last thing you want is to have your hair in your face and on the back of your neck, with that being said since you are not visible to an audience during the show so you most likely are not worrying all that much about how pretty your hairstyle is.  As a licensed hairstylist I do enjoy helping out my fellow showgirls with their hair needs, plus it passes the time. Here is this weeks Hair Wrap or Beehive for my fellow oversized skater.

What you will need:
A comb, a hair tie/clip, a few bobby pins, hairspray. (extra Items) a spray water bottle, hair gel, or styling aid

Step 1. Part the hair into a circle staring at the left ear and then tie up the remaining hair to get it out of your way......

Step 2. French braid as if it was a "headband" all the way around the head until it reaches your starting point....from there have your head model hold the end of that braid so that you can start step3

Step 3. Create another circular part that is the same width as the first one, and then tie up the remaining hair. You will then connect the current braid right into the new hair that is waiting to be braided in the exact same manor, and repeat all the way around the head until the entire head is in a braid. It will become more challenging once the parts get smaller and smaller towards the crown of the head.

Step 4. Take the remaining tail of the braid and wrap it tightly into the crown as if it were continuing in the circle with the rest of the braids that are on the scalp. Secure with a few bobby pins and spray the crap out of it with hairspray to set the braid and prevent fly aways.
TADAAAAA. You now have a pretty cool hairstyle that will not obstruct your vision during the show, and will save you a few drops of sweat running down the back of your neck.
Tip: if you use a head wrap/scarf/wig cap while inside the character head this will save the braid from becoming scruffy and creating fly aways while in the show. Then you have a pretty cool hairstyle for after the work day. Also if you put some gel into damp hair before braiding and let this sit overnight, when you unravel the braid it will become a very nice wavy look!
Side note: The more layers in the hair or the shorter the length the more of a challenge you will have making this look work. A tip I would recommend would be to lightly spray the head down with water after each new section is parted so the hair is easier to work with and you can get it set tighter. The glory of it is us showgirls have loads of time to kill between shows to practice until it is perfect, plus if it is going to be inside a character head and not seen, it does not really matter how funny it looks the first few times you attempt while still in the learning process!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dirty Donuts

Facts and rules of the "Dirty Donut"

 Attention Attention.... Showgirls around the world, this one is IMPORTANT! Donuts..... we all like them, they come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, toppings, and colors... personally give me a sprinkled donut and I am one happy camper!!!! Here is the thing, in showgirl world a donut is no longer a donut, a donut becomes a "Dirty Donut". Shawna please explain!!!.... Oh of course I would love to talk about my favorite subject in all of Ice Show history.


1. If while in  contract you are to have sex with somebody for the very first time, you are to bring donuts in for your cast! End of story!

2. If you are in a relationship, sleeping around with some person you most likely should not be sleeping with, earning donuts every city in the tour, or banging it out with one of your co-workers and expect drama in the workplace, tough!!! Bring the donuts, you earned them weather you should have or not. At the end of the day people WILL find out weather you tell them or not. People talk, we share hotel room walls, shoot... we share hotel rooms, we see things, we hear things, we will find out and we will call you out because we want our damn donuts! Save yourself the drama and just fess up to the crime, and make sure to do so in a timely fashion!

3. Bring enough for everyone! Lets be honest, we are showgirls... we LOVE junk food, we never buy it to have on hand, and when it is around... we WILL act like it is the end of the world and those are the last donuts in existence, and prepare to fight to the death to get the one we want, so just make sure there is enough to go around, and keep in mind there is always someone who will sneak more than one.

4. Variety is important! Not everyone likes cake donuts, not everyone likes chocolate, and believe you me I do not enjoy cream filled, plus I am not all that interested in knowing what you did extra special to earn that one. Variety is best to ensure all your fellow inner fat girls are satisfied. (Attention:) With that being said be observant of your gluten free friends. Being gluten free is more and more common these days, and trust me... they still want to be a fat girl with the rest of us!

5.Keep it light. EVERYONE wants donuts, but not everyone wants to know the dirty details of your night and how you earned those donuts. Some of us are not earning donuts, and it might be quite awhile before we do. Maybe we just want you to bring in those donuts set them down and walk away so that we can enjoy that slutty donut in peace and have sprinkles stuck in our red show lipstick for later.

6. MOST IMPORANT: Shawna loves sprinkles. Bring sprinkle donuts for your good friend Shawna or my inner fat girl (who trust me is always STARVINGGGGGG) will find you and punch you in the face ;) But seriously..........

 With all of that said have fun with it, as I always say "Dirty Donuts; when one person wins, we all win" Maybe my advice to you is just not to be a raging Whore-a-sarus Rex, do not sleep with your friends man, and don't make it so that your friends are afraid to spare your numbers and put on your show costumes. Besides that.... you go for it, and bring me my sprinkles :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Skating to Sanity

Skating to sanity

 After 10 years of being on the road as a Showgirl, I have learned many tricks to the trade. I have learned how to successfully travel for 8 months straight living out of only two 50 pound suitcases. I have learned how to successfully manage a long distance relationship with the person I have abandoned back home to go twirl around on large chunks of ice as a massive character of sorts.  I have learned how to pull pranks, put on fake eyelashes like a boss, save money, make a full coverage costume using only 3 items, sew fishnet holes like a pro, take shots like a man, smile to a full audience while crying inside, I have become the master of creative care packages, and I have learned what to do and what not to do to keep my sanity while being away from my friends and loved ones for almost a year at a time.

 I currently am away from home being a giant dog with blades on it's feet for 3 months in Ohio..... YEP, I said three MONTHS in OHIO!!! Being a Florida native, spending all your summer months in Ohio for 4 years straight can be slightly a downer. Do not get me wrong I have a blast while I am here with my skating family, but it is quite the adjustment. Every year that passes, and the older I become, I find it harder and harder to keep my sanity through these contracts. I like to find ways and projects to keep my brain active and pass some of the time.

 Weather it has been taking school courses, doing a 3 month body makeover, making stupid pointless videos of poor dancing to put onto the internet for nobody to laugh at, or in this contracts case.... starting a blog, I find that the more active I keep myself and make myself feel like I am being productive when I am not on the ice skating for 3-100 people in the stands (haha only kind of kidding) the happier my soul is, the less I lash out on my fellow carnies at work, and the faster the time passes between paychecks.

 So my first showgirl story/ tip for my fellow showgirls out there :

While on the road for 1 month or 1 year always make time to do what makes you happy. If you enjoy to run, make sure you are getting your daily jog on, if you like to sit and blog about your time on the road for nobody to read about, sit on your butt and type away. If you like to tour all the local bars and find every plastic collectable cup you can find (which is not recommended, unless you enjoy having no space left in those two 50 lbs suitcases) then I say put on your shoes, preset something to soak up all the booze in your stomach and go drink those drinks :) Point is, do what makes you happy, enjoy your time on the road, sight see, take lots of photos, make a few minutes to keep in touch with your buddies back home, and just enjoy this amazing lifestyle you have, that so many others dream of having. At the end of the day it is just an ice show, so once you dry those blades for the last time, get onto a tour bus, eat your dinner of ramen noodles in the hotel room that you cooked in a hot pot on the toilet.... Go live life and enjoy what the road has to offer