Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Body wrap

 Yesterday while replenishing my supplement supply at GNC I was given a free sample for a product called "Sweet Sweat" at checkout. Naturally I was curious and figured I may as well get the most out of this product (if it even works). So today I gave it a whirl.

Here is what I know about this product from online reviews:

  • Targets "Slow to Respond" problem areas
  • Substantially improves Circulation and Sweating
  • Accelerates Thermogenic (Burning Calories) during your workout
  • Fights muscle fatigue, while Enhancing Muscle Activity
  • Stimulates the Sweat Glands releasing built up toxins
  • Supports and Enhances Vasodilation, Motivation and Energy during Physical Activity
  • Fights against painful injuries such as Shin Splints, Pulls and Strains
So I figured if this is supposed to make me sweat I may as well step it up a notch and do a makeshift body wrap all at once. I started off by getting some plastic wrap and scotch tape along with my sample.

I then applied a generous amount to my thighs, as my inner thighs have some stubborn fat that will not go away. I applied to both legs at once as this is a thick messy product that is hard to wash off your hands. I then applied the wrap to one leg(wrapping it around twice) and then taping the end closed. I then did the other leg.
After leg application I changed out of my shorts and put on a pair of tight leggings in attempts to help hold the wrap in place. I then applied the remainder of the product to my stomach and back, and then wrapped it up just as I did the legs.
Once applied I put on a tank top and a pair of sweats over the leggings to help seal in the heat and then I was off to do my cardio.

Today I biked for 30 minutes at a level 6 resistance the entire time, which resulted in just over 8 miles. Once I had finished I did a 15 minute slow uphill walk on the treadmill, followed by some light stretching.
When I returned to my apartment , I could tell that I was sweaty, but couldn't be sure the extent until I unwrapped myself. I truthfully am not a sweaty person, I generally have to take a thermogenic before my workouts to break a sweat (even on heavy lifting days) and to my surprise I was covered in large beads of sweat. my unwrapped areas such as my chest had minimal sweating. I am pleased with how much water I lost during a basic 45 minute cardio session, where I normally would have hardly sweat at all. I am not sure how much of it was from the product, and how much of it was from being wrapped up, but all in all for a free sample I was more than pleased.

I will say cleanup is kind of a bitch, but my skin seems moisturized and soft now that I am out of the shower.

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  1. Wow! That DIY body wrap looks promising. I'm guessing you lost an inch or two in measurements with all the sweat that came out of you. Wraps can't replace a good exercise regimen and proper dieting, but it sure helps improve the results. Thank you for sharing that! All the best!

    Susan May @ It Works!