Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First Annual Oreo Monday

 As showgirls we tend to have to much downtime between shows to sit and chat and think up crazy ideas. Some days we have as many as 5 shows in a day, which means you have to find ways to amuse yourself and keep yourself smiling. We were having a conversation about our favorite kinds of Oreo cookies, then one girl then blurted out how amazing it would be to have a variety pack of all the different flavors so that you can have a little bit of each one. It then occurred that we all should bring in a different flavor and do a trade and create our own variety boxes.

 I present to you...............  The Oreo Exchange

                                                          ^^Leaning tower of Oreo's^^

                                                            ^^The variety pack!!!^^

                                                          ^^Complete happiness^^

I ended my work week of 23 shows on a 4 show day, not even caring how tired I was because I was going home to relax for 2 days with the best Oreo stock pile in existence :)

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